Products & Services

The Keepsake DVD
Commonly called a 'slideshow', we like to think ours is more than that. We invented it long before DVDs even existed, and have made more custom photo-videos than anyone. We know how to use special effects, pans, zooms, and music to pull the emotion out of still photos. It tells the story about your event. For tomorrow, we provide the video on DVD so it will last and the memories will be there in years to come. For today, the video will be available for you to download on your favorite device to have at your fingertips.

We custom print your DVD with the name of your event, the date, and where it was held. You can provide us with an image to use on the DVD, too. All included at no extra charge.
The Keepsake PhotoMosaic
You pick a main image for us to create the photomosaic using all the images shared during your event. It is a 20"x30" poster-size image that always invokes the 'wow factor' from those who see it, and instantly brings all the memories of your event for easy recall.
The Custom Printed Amaray Case
This is an option to have a custom printed special case to hold your Keepsake DVD. We will use one or more images and titles to create it with your direction.
The CD of Pictures
A CD of everyone's original uploaded photos from your event.
App Cards
These are customized 5.5"x4.25" postcard sized cards to pass out during your event. Some choose to mail it via the post office, too. We also provide a link to a PDF that you can send through email or social media.
2nd Day Video Delivery
We will have your custom, 'handcrafted' video ready to view on smartphones, tablets, and computers the 2nd day after your event. You can download it to share on social media or add it to highlight on your website.
On Demand Immediate Electronic Delivery of Video
At your specified time and date, we will have your custom, 'handcrafted' video ready 1 hour or earlier to download. You can use it to show to all your guests at a closing lunch or dinner to recap the great times everyone has had. We provide a test run method to make sure all goes well when the time comes to show the video.